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Let Us Help You Find Your New Best Friend!

At Silver in the South Labrador Kennel, we know how important it is for you to find your new best friend and family member. That’s why we’re committed to breeding high-quality silver labrador retrievers and providing them with a wonderful environment until they find their forever homes. Silver Labradors are more than just dogs–they’re loving companions. Whether you’re looking for your first dog or you want a new addition to your existing family, you can find silver lab pups for sale here.

Beautiful, Friendly, and Playful

We know that temperament is an important factor in choosing your next dog. Here at Silver in the South Labrador Kennel, we strive to breed puppies that become irreplaceable family members for years to come. Our silver labrador puppies for sale always represent the best qualities of what labs are meant to be. When you get a silver lab from us, you’ll get one with a kind, outgoing, and playful temperament that make them perfect family dogs. They love to catch and retrieve and are great around children. Our breeding program is second to none.

AKC Registered Labradors

Every single silver lab from our kennel is registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC). Despite the rare silver color, our light silver labs are recognized as a shade of chocolate under the AKC color registry. You’ll always get a purebred, registered silver lab puppy–no crossbreeding whatsoever. This ensures you’re getting a puppy of the highest pedigree.

The History of Our Labradors

You’ve probably heard of yellow, chocolate, and black labs, so you may be wondering exactly where silver labs come from. It started back in the 1980s when a breeder started producing these uniquely-colored labs on purpose. At this time, the genes of this color were rare and almost nonexistent. In 1987, the color had become so popular that the AKC officially recognized it. Ever since they have been AKC registerable dogs that are completely pure. They have the same ancestry as all other labs–they simply have a unique

Health Is Our Top Priority

As you look for silver lab puppies for sale, you probably wonder how healthy your new friend is going to be. Here’s what we do to make sure you get a healthy puppy:

 ♦ Deworming
 ♦ 6-week vaccinations

We make sure that all our silver lab puppies for sale are free from defects, illnesses, and parasitic infestations. Read our order information page for more details on the health of our silver lab puppies.

Our Location

Located in Aiken, South Carolina, our kennel is of the highest quality to ensure our dogs are always healthy and happy. Our adult dogs enjoy their lives here with lots of swimming while our puppies get the best treatment until they’re off to their forever homes. We encourage you to set up a visit and see our silver labrador puppies for sale. If you’re too far away, take a look at our gallery, available litters, and upcoming litters because a picture is worth a thousand words!

Want More Information? Contact Us Today!

Silver in the South Labrador Kennel can help you find the newest addition to your family as you look for the perfect dog. Feel free to look around our website to learn more about what we do. We love to talk about our silver labs so feel free to call 803 331 9224 or email contact@silverlabpupsforsale.com with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you and we hope you’ll find your new silver lab puppy and give him or her an amazing life.


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